Valuation Management System

VMS is a cloud based end to end process manager facilitating the ordering, management and compliance of a valuation request between a Financier and Valuer.

VMS streamlines valuation policies and procedures to actively mitigate risk of losses, fraud and collusion, reduce operating costs and improve the overall customer experience.


VMS automatically ensures each valuation report complies with the bank and BOVAEA Malaysia’s requirements.


Reduce risk of dubious valuations and improve insights into property collaterals. VMS’s automatic quality assurance checks actively mitigates the risk of overvaluation, fraud and collusion.


Intuitive In-Field Data Capture. Automatically Generate Valuation Reports. Reduce operating cost. VMS is a centralised cloud base system that automates the valuation process.

Perfect for property valuers. Manage Workflow, Capture Data and Generate Valuation Reports on the go. Updated Transaction Evidence. Search and Analyse Transaction Evidence anytime. Anywhere.

We help banks make better mortgage lending decisions. Automated Risk Management. Reduce requirement for manual compliance checks.

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